New Year

Posted in Weekly Project, Writing by robbiekarmel on January 1, 2012

At the beginning of 2011 I decided to try and post a series of images or videos as an ongoing online exhibition every week. I fell just short at 50 out of 52, but as a project to get myself producing work and developing as many new ideas as possible I am very happy with the outcome.

This year I am very excited to have been accepted into both a three month residency at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts and a Masters degree in research at the College of Fine Art in Sydney. I will be heading to Perth on the 20th of January and will be further developing ideas I was working with while drawing the severed heads series. I will then head over to Sydney to begin my Masters degree in the second semester.

I’ll keep putting work up as I make it this year and will be documenting the work I make during my residency in Perth.

Also, I’d like to thank everyone for looking at the work I’ve been putting up, being interested, posting comments and coming to exhibitions!


A few weeks ago Reuben Ingall and Evan Dorrian played an improvised set on the roof of the New Acton Apartments and I was there to record it:

[vimeo http:// w=640&h=480]

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