You Are Here Paricipatory Drawings

Posted in Drawing, Participatory Drawing by robbiekarmel on March 24, 2014

Over the last two weekends I have been drawing in Canberra as a part of the You Are Here festival, I’ve built a table to facilitate my drawing experiments and have been working with people to make drawings.

A very special thanks you the You Are Here folks for having me, and to everyone that participated in the work.

I’ll be continuing to work with people and will be looking for people to draw with in Canberra and Sydney over the coming months.





Dani Cabs

Claire Granata

david finnigan

Emma Beer

Erica Hurrell

Erin Leggat

george rose1



Lucy Nelson

Mark Wilson

Milly Cooper

Nelson Cabrera

Nick Atkins

Paul Kelloway

Reuben Ingall

Robbie Karmel

Rory Stenning


thomas day

tom swann

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