Participatory Drawing in Melbourne

Posted in Drawing, Participatory Drawing by robbiekarmel on May 7, 2014

Over the weekend I travelled down to Melbourne to present my work at N/A Studios. I did a series of participatory drawing exercises with people, presenting some methods I’d used previously as well as experimenting with some new configurations.

I’ll be presenting the project again in Canberra in a few weeks, in Newcastle early October, and at my graduate exhibition in Sydney late October.

Thanks to everyone who came along and had a go! and a massive thanks to Sarah Kaur, George Rose, and NA Studios for inviting me down and hosting me, it was a fantastic weekend!

(sorry about the quality of the photos of the drawing, didn’t have ideal lighting conditions…)

jess and kat

Drawing with Jess Kelly and Kat Clark

jess and kat2

Drawing with Jess Kelly and Kat Clark




I’m afraid I can’t remember who these last two photos are of! if anyone can help me out that would be great! will have to keep better notes in the future…




Drawing with Sarah Salazar 

chris ryan



Drawing with Sarah Katherine Firth and Marta Callizo





Drawing with Kylie Bollen


Drawing with Ness Roque


Drawing with Sarah Salizar


Self Portrait with Sarah Kaur



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