Back To The Drawing Board

Posted in Drawing by robbiekarmel on March 14, 2016

It’s been about a year since I last posted here, apologies for the extended hiatus! I have recently started my PhD research, which focuses on concepts of tool use and the expanded body, particularly in relation to drawing and making.  There will definitely be more frequent posts for the foreseeable future.

In extending my drawing practice to include three-dimensional objects I have begun to experiment with carving. Below is one of my first forays into the media, as I am doing everything by hand it is a time consuming process, stay tuned for updated progress shots.



^the work is embedded in my drawing practice, rather than working from planned drawings I started by drawing blind proprioceptive self portraits on the blank torso and will continue to mark out the work utilising similar experimental drawing methods.




I am also continuing my on going enquiries into observational and representational drawing. The busts that I have been producing provide ambiguous forms to hang drawings on.









I have also been maintaining ongoing life drawing sessions to maintain, expand, and experiment with my technical skills.








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